Bird populations have crashed….We need to save our birds!

chaffinch It has been published that our local bird populations have crashed , so what can we do to help our feathered friends . Since 1970 the united states and Canada have lost 3 billion different birds. And that number is still falling . In other places like the UK the decline of our birds have fallen by 95 % and conservation groups predict a further decline in years to come .

So how can we save our birds. We may not be able to bring the numbers back to 100% but we can do a bit to give a helping hand. We can put up bird boxes, bird feeders and bird baths as well as bushes that have berry's for the birds, now this may only make a small difference (1%^) but it is still a difference even if it is small.
The thing is if we don't act and do some thing it may be too late, we need to try and save our birds and our planet and if you think about it every thing is connected, the trees, the grass the flowers all life is connected in some way. To heal one is to heal them all.
Now this will take time and a lot of effort on every ones part but in the long run it may succeed if we all act.

Say No to HS2! #HS2NoThankYou

Lets stop HS2 from destroying our ancient woodlands , lets stand as one voice and save natures wild homes.

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Lets join together and save our woodlands and make sure nature has a home.

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How plastic is destroying our oceans.

sea life
turtle swimming free in a non plastic sea
Our oceans are a vast ecosystem that spans our world ,the vast amount of sea life is staggering ranging from fish to crabs down to creatures in the darkest deeps of our big blue sea. All is at risk from plastics and the toxic chemicals they pump out slowly when in our oceans. One plastic gets in to our oceans the toxic wast leaches out in to the water and begins is deadly infection of toxic death to all , up to 80% of the litter in our seas is plastic and when the plastic breakdown it creates micro plastics that can end up in the fish and on our plate and in our clean water supply ,even in food products that did not come from the sea!

You see the tiny micro plastics are so small they pass straight through water filtering systems and drainage systems, then they are ingested by fish and sea birds as well as other sea life.
Our oceans are in jeopardy and the way to tackle the problem is to do it first on dry land ,we need to dramatically cut down our plastic use and move over to a more eco-friendly way of packaging produce and other stuff that uses plastics. Now I am not a big fan of paper bags as to make them you need to cut down trees and that is defeating the purpose of saving the planet, you cannot use one to save the other as you are just shifting the problem . Scientists have found an ingenious way of creating packaging and bags from plant fibres and plant matter , now this matter is grown in the lab and it will breakdown quickly and turn to compost , there for helping the environment with out cutting down trees that filter our air and produce oxygen.

Now back to the sea, some research groups are using nets to drag the floating plastics out of the oceans and removing them before they can fully breakdown and become micro toxic particles that keep braking down even when ingested !. Others have taken to beach clean ups as well as making wind prof bins available that keep the rubbish inside and they have added penalty fins to any found dropping rubbish . But I must still add, more needs to be done as its every ones problem and we must work together to save our seas and to keep our food and water clean as its not just killing sea life , its killing other life too and even possibly human life as those toxins may cause cancer or other illnesses .

Welcome to the Natures Wildlife blog
Hi all , and a warm welcome to the blog . first off , just wanted to tell you about the shop , in the natures wildlife shop page we have different category's for the different parts of the shop , this is to make finding what you are looking for easier and to keep it simple.

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